Our Barns

Sheep Barn

Inside the sheep barn

The sheep barn was built in 2007. We love this barn. It has 17 gates and we can sort out one sheep with one person with all these gates. The barn is 14 feet wide and 48 feet long. It holds around 60 sheep at full capacity. The milking parlor is in the middle and has a section for the babies to see their mom’s when we milk.


The Turkey Barn

This is the “Taj Mahal” of all barns ! ! !

This is probably the only “wattle and daub” turkey barn in the entire United States.

The building was completely designed and built by Ben and Tom Gillespie, students of The Living Farm and volunteers that came from far and near. Any and all visitors to The Living Farm were invited to “get their hands dirty” if they wanted to help.

The barn is not a single large area, but has been constructed as a “three room” apartment.

  • The first “room” is the nursery, used for hatching eggs.
  • The middle room is used for the “teenagers”.
  • And the third room is used for the adults birds. In this room are the “roost” and nesting boxes.


Exterior view of Turkey Barn

Details of window at end of Turkey Barn

Some of the door details

Details of another window

View of the main roost

Turkeys checking out the new roost

The very first egg that the turkeys laid in the new barn

YouTube Videos

To really appreciate all of the minute details, switch to “full screen” viewing mode. A lot of the “slides” are annotated with details of what is being depicted.

Part 1




Part 3




Part 2




Part 4




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