Hello from the farm, it’s Lynn here, with this week’s Holiday Sale Product.

This is a new product for us to offer online, but it has been around the farm for a long time.

Backside WarmersIt’s the farm’s Backside Warmers!

If you have ever warmed your hands by a campfire, you will know the age old dilemma, toasty front and freezing backside. It is time to say goodbye to the constant fireside rotation. The wool backside warmer is felted to be the size of your camping chair so that you can enjoy a warm tush.

The benefit of using wool for the backside warmers is that it traps your heat and reflects it back to you. The best way to describe the feeling is like having an electric blanket set to low in your chair.

Back side warmers are not only great for camping chairs you can use them in your car seat, at your desk, at work, or on the couch.  These wonderful gifts will soothe a sore back, warm a tush, or just make a seat more cozy.

Can you imagine having a wool cozy with you for those long car rides, camping trips, or at the office?

These felted wool backside warmers are unique in that you can poke holes in the top so they rest on your car seat without worrying about ripping. Unlike other fabrics, wool will not rip at a seam, so the conversions you can make are endless!

I’m really excited to offer these to you today. Each backside warmer is $49 and comes in Chestnut, Camo and Night Sky color scheme.

This week is one of the best weeks to get your order in! With Thanksgiving coming up for the farm, many of the orders get backed up with the holidays beginning.

If you would like to get your Holiday order in, now is the time!

Have you already ordered? Then maybe it’s time to share the holiday sale with a friend? Each purchase goes towards sustaining small family farming and our free gardening educational programs. It would be an honor to share these US local gifts with as many new farm friends as possible.

Now is the time to send invites or order, as we only have so many supplies to make these products and time is ticking!

So, go on ahead and place your order by clicking the link below –

Click here to start shopping!

Or, if you want to see these backside warmers in action, watch this short video from the Garden Show!


Speaking of the garden show, have you taken a moment to check in on the last episode? There was quite the impressive surprise from the harvest and I want to share that with you. Just click here to watch it.

I look forward to receiving your orders and starting to hand make each of  your products. Making your holidays extra special with one of the farm’s gifts would be such a pleasure.

If you have any questions about the Holiday Sale, please leave a comment and I will get back to you when I get the chance.

Thanks for supporting the farm,


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