This week Hazelnut meets the press on the Living Farm. Hazelnut had a very special guest from France.  Anne-Laure Pham is the editor and chief of Zeste Magazine a bimonthly magazine with a circulation of 110,000  that is based in France.

Hazelnut Meets the Press Hazelnut the Sheep Meets the Press

Anne had a great time seeing all of the winter plants growing in our greenhouses. She especially loved feeding Hazelnut (not as much as Hazelnut did we are certain!).  She even got Jamaica, Hazelnut’s shy cousin, to eat a little grain out of her hands.  

Jamaica Meets the PressWe welcome every chance we can get to share the farm with the press. It is important to share the farm with the media so they can help people to learn about sustainable organic farms. The future of organic family farm’s like Hazelnut’s depend on how many people understand that small family farms need their support!

Share Hazelnut’s visit with the press with your friends and family. Don’t forget to stay tuned for next week when we look back at Hazelnut’s first snow!

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