Have you ever wondered what it is like for a sheep to experience it’s first snow? Hazelnut was born in the spring after the snows had finished for the season.  So the first snow of the season was quite exciting for her and the rest of our lambs! All of the lambs are very curious about their world turning white overnight.  Hazelnut takes a few cautious steps to test out the snow to see what it is.  Then a taste, look, she has some snow stuck on her nose!  

Hazelnut's First Snow

Hazelnut Enjoys her First Snow

The sheep actually like to eat snow and we will see bite marks in the drifts.  On the farm we do not rely on the snow for all the sheep’s water needs. It is important that they have plenty of water when they are eating hay.  The sheep can get hay block in their stomachs if they don’t have enough water to re-hydrate the dried grass.  So we keep a water tank or keep the creek open for them to drink after they fill up on hay.  The sheep are so insulated with their wool sometimes in the morning they will wake up and have 4 or more inches of snow on their backs.  They look like snow covered rocks! 

Lambs First Snow

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