High Performance Garden Test

Does your gardening system meet the requirements of a high performance garden? Or is it a low performance garden?

Take the High Performance Garden Test to find out!

Want to learn more about high performance gardening? Read our article about High Performance gardening or find out how to start your own.

1) Do all the crops that you plant thrive and have a high yield?

2) Does your garden feed your entire family?

3) Do you use chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or insecticides in your garden?

4) Do you use any chemical fertilizers?

5) Does the produce from your garden tastes better than any store bought produce?

6) Weekly, do you spend more than 30 minutes weeding in your garden?

7) Do you see weeds when you look at your garden?

8) Do you use a rototiller or a hoe?

9) Do you walk on your garden soil?

10) Do you feed your soil with compost?

11) Do you add minerals to your soil?

12) Is your garden is always fully planted?

13) Do you break a sweat or get blisters when you garden?

14) Do you know your planting zone?

15) Do you use crop protection? (e.g. frost blankets, cold frames)

16) Do the bugs attack your garden?

17) Do you grow vertically?

18) Are your garden beds raised garden beds?

19) Is your garden attractive and enjoyable?

20) At the end of the season do you make statements like, “Next year I am growing __________.” Or “Next year I am going to expand my garden.”

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