The Living Farm Holiday Catalog

One of a Kind Products

As the holidays approach, we all find ourselves searching for those unique and amazing gifts. At the Living Farm’s Holiday Sale, you are sure to find great prices on handmade items from the farm. Discover the unique gifts that you are looking for all your family friends, in the holiday sale you can find handmade, wool mittens, slippers, pillows, cat caves, dog beds, willow stools, Christmas ornaments, and so much more! So are you ready to shop local this season? Join us for the Holiday Sale!

These pillows have been a farm product for the past year on the farm. After reading studies that wool bedding can increase REM sleep by 20%, we started experimenting with a wool filled pillow. Our felted woolly down balls are stuffed into a pillow so that you can get the best sleep.

Bring a part of the farm to your home. These rustic gifts add a touch of country charm that only a handmade product can give. Enjoy the willow stool, felted wool table runners and placemats, assorted woven rugs, backside warmers, and so much more right from the farm.

We have a solution for your cold hands. The felted mittens insulate your hands and capture your warmth and keep it around your hands. Once you wear the felted mitten it will be hard to go back to synthetic mittens or gloves. Get a matching scarf to keep your neck warm!

Experience the comfort of toasty toes despite the cold of the winter. These woollen slippers keep you warm without any sweat, the wool naturally wicks away the moisture so you never get a sweaty foot, just warm and cozy.

Wool is just as fantastic for the furry members of the family. To give your pets the best possible sleep, we have crafted two pet beds that you will be sure to love. The dog bed is filled with our felted woolly down, and the felted cat cave is sure to please your kitty!

How do I shop the Holiday Catalog?

You can shop the entire catalog online by clicking the button above. If you are interested in getting to know each of the products better, visit the pages that are highlighted below,

Household goods

Mittens & Scarves



Why so early?

Are you excited about getting started? The sale is opening early so that we have a chance to hand-make each of the precious products you order! It is important to us to have enough time to make sure that each piece is the best it can possibly be. Another reason we are open early is to keep our people flock busy through the winter months. When you shop in our Holiday Sale, you will be helping to keep our hard earned dollars in our community instead of in big corporate pockets. The economy can be tough for the North Fork residents especially in the winter. Our goal is to try to provide work for our local ladies year round. The holiday sale is just our way of supporting our team through the winter.

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