What gifts are you planning on buying on this Black Friday? I’m still pondering what I will make and what I will buy for my family. I love finding unique gifts that are truly personalized for my friends and family. I thought I would share some unique gifts that truly meet your loved one’s desires and that are sustainable and healthy for our planet! These three gift ideas are fun ways to give gifts that truly inspire your friends. Are you ready for some gift ideas? Let’s get started!

Local Harvest

#3 The Foodie’s  Fresh Ingredients Gift

For the foodie’s in your life you know that the quality of their ingredients is very important. We all know that the local and organic ingredients will always have the best taste and flavor. It is possible to give them the highest quality ingredients this holiday season. Simply go to localharvest.com and search your zipcode. You will get a listing of all of your local farmers and what they sell. Get in touch with a few and find out about their CSA’s or gift baskets. Supporting your community’s farms in this way boosts your local economy and gives the gift of the most nutrient dense flavorful food to your loved ones!

Elisabethan Headband Eco-Fashion

Elisabethan Headband Eco-Fashion

#2 The Fashionista’s Colorful Upcycled Clothing

In our home town of Paonia there is a designer that works solely with upcycled clothing. Each of her skirts, shirts or accessories are made up of dozens of cotton tshirts in beautiful swirling designs. Her fun and unique style is a favorite here and across the United States in many boutiques. The Elisabethan is known in the community for her quirky  and colorful patterns and designs. I would highly recommend her for a unique dress up piece for those ladies in your life who love color and using sustainable materials in unique and exciting ways.

Pint Sized Pillow

#1 A Good Night’s Sleep for the Insomniacs

I can’t help it, these pillows are that amazing! Each felted wool pillow is a life changing gift. Not only because of the benefits of sleeping with a wool pillow such as increased REM sleep. This will also change the life of our farm staff by helping us to finish the farm manager’s house for Lael and her family. This pillow can do wonders, both for your sleep and for the farm.

I was struggling with sleeping through the night earlier this year. It wasn’t until a friend began talking about her new pillow that I connected that it could be as simple as replacing my pillow. After some research into different pillow materials I found wool stuffed pillows. This natural and sustainable material doesn’t slip and slide like my down pillows of the past, it is breathable, anti bacterial and has been found to increase REM sleep. It is so exciting that I can make these pillows with the wool from my sheep. I know each fleece personally and know that none of the sheep have been harmed in the making of the pillow. It is completely organic and unique process as these are more durable, transformable and comfortable than any other wool pillows I’ve found. This season is all about giving the gift that keeps on giving. So, we have made the large sleep pillows available for a discount of $30 when you purchase two! I want to share the beauty of the best sleep possible with everyone! To learn more about the pillows unique design and benefits check out our website at www.thelivingfarm.org/wool-down-pillows.

I hope these gifts help you when finding unique sustainable gifts for your friends and family. Go on ahead and comment below and share the sustainable and unique gifts you are giving this season. We would love to hear all about it!

Until next time, may your holidays be filled with rest and family!


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