Wool Pillow Holiday Fundraiser

We are just 100 pillows away from finishing the Farm Manager’s house for Lael and her family. This holiday season support the farm while giving the gift of a better night’s sleep.

Give the Gift of Sleep!

Welcome To The Living Farm

Sustainably Grown Animals, Eggs, Vegetables

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High Performance Garden Community

Join our Community and learn more about the benefits of a High Performance Garden!
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The Leafy Greens Container Garden Course

Learn how to grow the garden designed to fit in any space or time constraints.
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Abundance Garden Course

Learn how to grow nutrient dense organic food in a compact, easy and fun garden.
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Free Screening of Locavore, the Documentary

Limited Time Free Release of Locavore- Local Diet, Healthy Planet: Be inspired by this joyous film about locavores who are creating a better future one plateful at a time.
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Abundance Garden Course

The Abundance Garden Course is about a new gardening system that will teach backyard gardeners how to grow nutrient dense organic food in a compact, easy and fun garden.

High Performance Garden

A high performance garden is one of the most fun, productive, and organic gardening experiences you will ever have.

High Performance Garden Community

Our weekly High Performance Garden Community blog will have Training Videos that will help you begin to transform your garden into an easy, fun, productive and always organic high performance garden.

Locavore DVD

Locavore empowers all Americans with the knowledge to return our nation to an economically prosperous land, revitalize health and vitality, dramatically reduce our energy use and rejuvenate our environment.

Our Farm

The organic philosophy at The Living Farm is one from our past, before “organic” became something you did, not who you are. We just raise the food as if it were going onto our table: free of chemicals, nutrient balanced and environmentally friendly.

Abundance Garden Webinar

Learn how to grow Superior Nutrient Dense foods, in Less Time with Less Space Right in Your Own Backyard! And get a FREE Webinar!!

Online Store

Visit our online store to browse and purchase our meat products, farm tours, gardening courses and more! 

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