High Performance Garden Show

 In this “real time” gardening show, follow a 128 square foot demonstration garden’s progress through a 33 week growing season. This online show is released weekly during the gardening season.

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Find out the solution to your greatest vegetable gardening challenges in under 30 seconds.

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Thrive in an Organic Lifestyle Without Breaking the Bank!

Discover, organic farmer, Lynn Gillespie’s inside secrets to finding, preserving and creating the most nutrient dense foods for a fraction of the price in this free online workshop! 

High Performance Garden Community

Join our Community and learn more about the benefits of a High Performance Garden!

Welcome To The Living Farm

Sustainably Grown Animals, Eggs, Vegetables

The Leafy Greens Container Garden Course

Learn how to grow the garden designed to fit in any space or time constraints.

Living Farm Wool Pillows

Organic, sustainable, hypoallergenic sleep is just one felted woolly down pillow away!

Abundance Garden Course

Learn how to grow nutrient dense organic food in a compact, easy and fun garden.

High Performance Garden Show

We are getting excited about the start of the new season of the High Performance Garden Show!

The new Season Starts March 20! I am getting pretty excited to get the garden planted. Soon we will have our hands back in the dirt! Winter is a great time to watch the last 3 years of the High Performance Garden Show to get your 2019 season started off right!

High Performance Garden Classroom Series blurb image

High Performance Garden Classroom Series

This series includes tips, techniques and theory that we have not been able to cover in the High Performance Garden Show. Learn how to take your gardening skills to the next level.

High Performance Garden

A high performance garden is one of the most fun, productive, and organic gardening experiences you will ever have.

Abundance Garden Course

The Abundance Garden Course is about a new gardening system that will teach backyard gardeners how to grow nutrient dense organic food in a compact, easy and fun garden.

High Performance Garden Community

Our weekly High Performance Garden Community blog will have Training Videos that will help you begin to transform your garden into an easy, fun, productive and always organic high performance garden.

Our Farm

The organic philosophy at The Living Farm is one from our past, before “organic” became something you did, not who you are. We just raise the food as if it were going onto our table: free of chemicals, nutrient balanced and environmentally friendly.

Abundance Garden Webinar

Learn how to grow Superior Nutrient Dense foods, in Less Time with Less Space Right in Your Own Backyard! And get a FREE Webinar!!

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Visit our online store to browse and purchase our meat products, farm tours, gardening courses and more!

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