As of October 10th, the Living Farm’s Holiday Sale has been kicked off!

It has been such a joy to have you as a part of our growing season. We have come a long way this year, and as the farming season and gardening educational programs come to a close, we are excited to begin planning for the next year of educational outreaches.

Would you like to help us continue in this educational outreach program? We are not selling any advertising or doing any fundraising, and I would like to keep it that way.

Instead, I would like to invite our extended farm family to join us in the ultimate win-win situation, our 2016 Holiday Sale!


Find the one-of-a-kind gifts you have been looking for and give back this holiday season. Preorder from our great Holiday Sale today!

The Farm’s Holiday Catalog has so many handmade farm products to choose from! If you are more excited about starting your garden, then there are plenty of online High Performance Garden Courses for sale as well! You can start shopping the Holiday Catalog today at –

These products are handmade and take time to create, that’s why I would like to encourage you to order your gifts today to make sure that you get them in time for the holidays! When you order early, we have a chance to keep our people flock around through the slow season on the farm, another benefit to ordering early is the assurance that you will get your products in time for the Holidays!

This year, we are expanding beyond just pillows, slippers and gardening education. Some of the new and exclusive items to this Holiday Sale include –

Felted Woolly Down Filled Dog Beds

Felted Cat Caves

Wool Mittens

Willow Stools

And many more that will be featured in the weeks to come.

So, why are we building so many new products for this holiday season? Your holiday season should be full of fun, quality products, at the best prices possible. This is our way of giving you all of these things in one place. By offering unique and fun items, your holiday season can be enjoyed even more fully by giving gifts that are not only one of a kind, these are gifts that give back in BIG ways.

Each purchase that you make helps to support the garden show and the living farm staff and the sheep flock.  Each purchase makes a huge difference to us.

This year, the farm has gained two new smiling faces, and we would like to keep them. Through the fall and winter, our gardens go to sleep, and production slacks off. This year, the staff would like to stay through the winter, so it is time for the farm to diversify!

All of our handmade woolen products that were so well loved last year are making a comeback with new additions. With your help we can make a big family farm holiday season possible, our hands are willing, would you like one-of-a-kind products?

Please check your holiday gift list to see if there is anyone on your list that would love to have some handmade farm goodies. Once you have gotten your shopping done, please share the Holiday Catalog with your friends and family!  We want to thank you in advance for your purchase and spreading the word. It means a lot to us.

Are you ready to start shopping? Go to – to get started!

I look forward to having you join us as we ready for the holiday season.

Until next time, may your holidays be full of family and wonderful gifts.


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