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Abundance Garden Course

Abundance Garden Course

The Abundance Garden Course is about a new gardening system that will teach backyard gardeners how to grow nutrient dense organic food in a compact, easy and fun garden. Take advantage our our Spring Sale!
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Our weekly High Performance Garden Blog will have Training Videos that will help you begin to transform your garden into an easy, fun, productive and always organic high performance garden.

Gardening is an essential life skill that our ancestors had and our children need. Lynn Gillespie

High Performance Gardening

In the High Performance Gardening eBook you will get inside secrets from a high performance gardener, Lynn Gillespie, an organic farmer of over 25 years and the owner of The Living Farm. The keys to weed free gardening, soil biology, huge yields in a small space and effective planning for your garden will be found in this book. High Performance Gardening is for gardeners of all skill levels to help them begin their journey towards the productive and easy garden of their dreams. A high performance garden is easy to maintain, fun to work in and incredibly productive. These gardens are cost and time effective. Producing more food in less space with higher nutrition can be simple once you know how a high performance garden works. Each chapter describes another key element of the High Performance Garden style such as:

  • The history of low performance gardening and high performance gardening.
  • 12 Characteristics of a High Performance Garden
  • The skills and methods required to create this system in your backyard
  • Stories of working High Performance Gardens from The Living Farm
  • Resources to begin your High Performance Garden Journey

By the end of this journey you will know exactly what a high performance gardening system is and how to begin to create one in your backyard. This book will start any gardener or non-gardener alike on the path towards the garden of their dreams.  


High Performance Gardening breaks down the mysteries of organic gardening into manageable bites. In this book, Lynn Gillespie shares her vast experience of growing healthy, delicious food. It is a “must read” for any home gardener. Elaine B.

My family moved to Paonia, Colorado to learn how to operate an organic sustainable garden. The low performance garden method we learned was exhausting, weed filled and not productive. We loved the produce but not the garden. The High Performance Garden eBook has changed the way we garden! Last year the thought of a garden was incredibly unpleasant. After reading this book I cannot wait to put these methods into practice in the garden. This book shows that gardening can truly be “easy, fun, productive and always organic”! Kristin E.


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