When we dream of our organic garden we want them to be super productive, healthy and efficient. Without the correct techniques they can be unproductive, sickly, and inefficient. That’s where the 12 techniques of a High Performance  organic garden come in. How do we truly take our organic gardens to the next level? What if I told you you could cut your garden plot in half while producing two times as much produce as before. This is true for the high performance organic garden systems that I use on my farms. In the High Performance Garden eBook I take readers on a journey of these 12 techniques and now I want to share the concepts  with you. Over the next 12 weeks we will dive into the techniques you need for your garden in short training videos. This will help you to have the most productive organic garden next spring!

01-harmony-with-natureTechnique #01 : In Harmony With Nature

When growing an organic garden you need to go beyond simply not using non organic chemicals in the garden. To truly have a productive organic garden you will need to learn how to support and mimic Mother Nature’s systems. This is the backbone for your successful organic garden. Once you grow in harmony with nature you will naturally boost the production, health and efficiency of your garden. Not to mention the affordability! Imagine no longer paying for the endless fertilizers and expensive tools. You will also save dramatically on time by investing in nature’s systems. Join me in my gardens in the video below to learn how to keep your garden in harmony with nature.

Now that you know that for the best possible organic garden that you will need to invest in the best soil food web possible, you can put this to practice in your garden! If you want to skip ahead and learn more details on  how to build this soil food web in your garden or the other 12 techniques, read the High Performance Garden eBook. I look forward to seeing you next week in the high performance garden!

Until next time, may your garden be easy, fun, productive and always organic,


  any questions you have about gardening in harmony with nature. Today is the day to work together with the planet instead of against it’s natural systems.

12 techniques of an organic garden

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