The lower and lean tomato trellis technique isn’t just for professional growers. I’ve been using this technique for the past 20 years and my tomatoes thrive because of it. When you can expect your vines to be 17 feet you won’t have enough room vertically on your 5 foot pvc tomato trellis! (Not to mention you wouldn’t be able to reach it all!) This technique fulfills the high performance characteristics little time and space.

Are you ready to lean and lower your tomato plants with me? Watch the high performance garden training video below to get started!


harvest tomatoesLower and Lean Tomato Trellis Prep

Before you lean and lower your tomatoes it is best to harvest your tomatoes. You won’t want to knock these beautiful fruits to the ground as you lower and lean. Then remove the horizontal leafy branches at the bottom of the plant. Just take your garden scissors and remove the branches as needed. Now you are ready to lower and lean your tomato plants!

lower-and-leanLower and Lean Tomato Plants Technique

Unclip the tomato plant from the top of your pvc easy tomato trellis. Holding the tomato trellising twine attached to the plant lower the tomato to the side and then reattach to the opposing bar of the tomato trellis. Repeat with your other tomato plants being careful about knocking off the delicate top of the plant. Wrapping them in the same direction will help with your lower and lean tomato technique as well! It is best to not do this during a cold morning or evening as the tomato plants can be more brittle and you may have problems losing branches. Repeat this process once your tomato plants have reached the top of the tomato trellis and until the end of the season. Don’t forget to tell me how long your vines get! I’ve had some get to 17 feet in my greenhouses.

This lower and lean tomato technique video is a snippet from the Abundance Garden Course. This comprehensive online gardening course has all of the education you need to create your high performance garden system in your backyard this season. To learn more about the Abundance Garden Course you can see one of our students gardens and read her testimonial in our blog or watch our how to get started on your high performance garden video.

Want another sneak peek at the Abundance Garden? Stay tuned for next weeks tomato trellising video taken from a part of the Abundance Garden Course. You won’t want to miss it!

Until next time, may your garden be easy, fun, productive and always organic!


 any questions you have about the lower and lean tomato technique.

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