Build Your Tomato Trellis

This easy pvc tomato trellis meets the high performance garden characteristic #10, Utilizes All Space Available. I use this pvc tomato trellis for growing my cucumbers as well with fantastic results. It is also a wonderful preventive measure against having your tomatoes rot on the ground because they are out of sight. This is the easiest trellis to make. It is also the framework I use as a simple plant protector that I can place a cover over if you assemble at two levels. In the high performance garden training video we will build the tomato trellis together. Included in this post are the shopping list, step by step instructions and instructions for maintaining your trellis so that you can pvc tomato trellis like a professional!

Easy PVC Tomato Trellis Supply Listpvc tomato trellis supplies

Here is your shopping list. If you ask real nice, the person at the store will even cut the pieces of pipe to size for you. This will make one trellis or plant protector. It will measure approximately 32 inches wide by 46 inches long and 15 to 60 inches tall. Make sure you get the correct pipe schedule (thickness of the side walls) or this will not fit together correctly. There is no need to glue anything together. Just push the parts together and at the end of the season, you can pull it apart for storage.

  • 4- 1 ¼ inch by 18 inch schedule 40 PVC pipe
  • 6- 1 inch by 30 ½ inch schedule 40 PVC pipe
  • 6- 1 inch by 44 inch schedule 40 PVC pipe
  • 4 – 1 inch slip couplers schedule 40 PVC
  • 4 – 1 inch 90 degree elbow with a side outlet schedule 40 PVC
  • 4- 1 ¼ caps schedule 40 PVC (optional)

pvc tomato trellis stepsInstructions

  1. First, make sure you have gathered all your parts.
  2. Pre-assemble the top. Find 4- one inch 90 degree elbow with side outlet. Put one on each end of two of the one inch by 30 ½ in pieces. Point all the side outlets down.
  3. Next, put two of the 1 inch by 44 inch long pieces into the 90 degree elbows to make a rectangle.
  4. Take the preassembled top and push it slightly into the soil, where you want your trellis to go, to make a print of where to put the base pieces in to hold up the trellis.
  5. Next, put the base pieces into the soil. The base pipes are the 4 – 1 ¼ inch by 18 inch PVC pieces. You will need to push down the base piece 15 inches into the soil. If you are in a cinderblock bed with the secret soil mix, you can just push the pieces in with your hands. Then pull the pipe out gently and empty the soil out of the pipe. Then replace the base piece back into the hole. Do this for all 4 base pieces. If you are in hard garden soil. You will need to dig the hole out then put in your base piece and fill the hole in around the base.
  6. Next, drop a 1 inch by 30 ½ inch piece into each base.
  7. If you are making a plant protector then you can now put your top on and cover with plastic or cloth depending on what you want to protect the plants from. If you want a taller plant protector then put the 44 inch pieces in instead of the 30 ½ inch pieces.
  8. If you want the trellis at full height then put a coupler on to each 30 ½ inch legs then add the 44 inch piece to each leg.
  9. Place your top on and give all the joints a good shove to make the unit tight. You are now done.
  10. If you live in a windy area you can tether the trellis to the ground if needed.

Helpful Hint: At the end of the season, when it is time to take down your plants, you can put the 1 ¼ inch end caps on your base pieces to keep the soil out of the holes. Store your pieces in a clean dry place out of the sun for next year!

Send me the pictures of your gardens! I would love to see how this pvc tomato trellis fits into your garden. Gardening season is upon us, are you in a high performance garden system this year? If not do you plan to begin creating yours this year? It’s completely possible! Our latest ebook release has the blueprint of a high performance garden so that you can begin creating your own. And if you are serious about gardening our online comprehensive Abundance Garden Course will teach you all the skills you need to have a high performance garden this season. I would recommend learning how to get started on your high performance garden today with our high performance garden education. Your garden will never be the same once you are through!

I look forward to teaching you how to train your tomato plants on this unique pvc tomato trellis next week! 

Lynn Gillespie
 any questions you might have about your easy trellis.

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