Christmas trees are good for more than just hanging lights on them.  Our sheep love to eat them!  A part of our family tradition is to get a permit from the forest service and cut down a Christmas tree in the forest. This is a special part of the holidays for us and we enjoy our tree very much. After christmas we  would put the tree near the compost pile and try to figure out what to do with it.  A few years back the sheep were in the compost area when we put in the tree.  A day later I noticed that the tree had been eaten right down to the trunk.

Sheep Eat Christmas Tree

It took me a moment to realize that the sheep had eaten it! The next year I put out the tree and watched the sheep much the needles just like they were grass. I realized that the tree had lots of vitamins and minerals that the sheep needed and they enjoyed the tree.  I love the fact that we can recycle the tree into a usable object for the farm.

Hazelnut's Christmas Tree

Here is Hazelnut, Jamaica and Helen enjoying the Christmas tree.  Once they got to eat part of it I gave the tree to the main flock.  The first side was eaten in 6 hours and then I flipped the tree over and they totally had it all eaten by morning.

Sheep Christmas Tree

Hazelnut and the rest of the flock really enjoyed their Christmas tree this year! Stay tuned for next week’s Hazelnut adventure on instagram by following the farm @TheLivingFarm. The next adventure is sure to be full of play in the snow!

In the comments below share the funny things that you eat in the winter! It would be wonderful to share your stories with Hazelnut.

Until next time!


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