Have you ever sat down and thought about a possibilities garden? I have something I would like you to daydream about this winter. What amount of produce could your backyard possibly yield this year? In your dream it doesn’t matter what type of soil you have or how big your backyard is, or how much time you have. Let’s just think about the potential of the square footage that you have or could borrow from a neighbor.


Let’s take a look at the possibilities garden.

First go measure your backyard to find the square footage (that would be the length times the width). Now divide that by 2. We divide by 2 to average the space needed for the aisles. When you build a high performance garden you will use half of the space to walk around your garden. Let’s use the first year Abundance Garden numbers to get us some averages for a high performance gardens production. This is a garden that we demonstrated for Abundance Garden students.

Abundance Demonstration Garden

The Abundance Garden is 128 square foot grow space, that is the same amount of space as three king sized mattresses. It produced 743 pounds of food in 33 weeks and the street value of the food was $2560. For our possibilities garden we will take $2560 divide it by 743 pounds to equal $3.44; this is the amount that one pound of food  is worth from the garden. We will use this as our average for our possibilities garden.

Now to find how many pounds your garden will produce per square foot we will take 743  pounds and divide it by 128 sq foot that means we grow 5.8lbs of produce in one square foot. (This is an amazing number, most row gardens will produce on average .5-1.5 pounds per square foot.) This will be our average pounds per square foot. Now if we take 5.8lbs. and multiply it by $3.44 we find that a High Performance Garden averages $19.95 a square foot. 

So, when we look at our backyard, take your square foot number that was divided by 2 and multiply it by $19.95. As an example, I will use 1250 square feet from a 50 x 50 yard.  When we multiply the 1250 square feet by $19.95 our possibilities garden could produce $24,937.50 worth of produce in one season. That would be 1250 square feet x 5.8 pounds = 7250 pounds of food. This is the possible yield of your backyard in a high performance system! Let’s say you are a beginner and kill ½ of the garden, you could still grow $12,468.75 in your garden when you grow in the right type of gardening system.

128 square feet can feed two people a 1250 square foot backyard could feed 18 people + extra for giving away and preserving some. A beginner in that same space could feed 9 people.

Look at the possibilities. I would like you to think about your backyard this winter. What are it’s possibilities? How about your front yard? If you don’t have a yard I bet you know of someone who does that would be happy to have you garden it. What are the possibilities if everyone did this? The education is easy to get, we teach people all over the world via the internet on how to grow in a high performance gardening system. If you have the right system, the possibility of growing an enormous amount of nutrient dense foods is possible.

This is the year of the possibilities garden. Set aside 128 square feet of raised garden beds and begin practicing your skills. If you want to avoid the common problems of all beginner gardeners, you will need to learn a high performance garden system that creates results. The best way to learn a high performance garden system in one season is by enrolling in the Abundance Garden Course. You will be guided step by step to begin creating the same amount of savings as described above. Can you imagine the possibilities? Go to the Abundance Garden Course to learn more.

This winter as you dream of the possibilities take the time to share the gift of a garden with your friends and family. They will thank you later when they begin to enjoy the harvest from their high performance garden. You can share this by clicking the social network buttons below or to the side of this article.

As spring approaches may your gardening plans be full of the possibilities!



  any questions you have about growing a high performance garden.


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